Groupers And Basses (Serraniae)

Grouper And Basses Family Characteristics:

This is a family of very large and predatory fish but many juvenile forms have become aquarium favorites. Most of the species within this group are hermaphrodite, and some therefore lack any clear sexual dimorphism. Even so, many species undergo color changes during breeding, turning darker, paler, or taking on a bicolor pattern. This is a large and varied family with over 370 species represented in tropical and temperate seas worldwide.

Diet And Feeding:

You should include crustaceans and meaty foods in the diet of these fishes.

Aquarium Behavior:

The majority of species need a large aquarium with lots of swimming area.


List Of Popular Aquarium Groupers And Basses:

  • reckfish, Orange Sea Perch, Lyretail Coralfish (Anthias squamipinnis)
  • Marine Betta, Comet Grouper (Calloplesiops altivelis)
  • Coral Trout, Miniatus Grouper, Coral Rock Cod (Cephalopholis miniatus)
  • Panther Grouper, Polka Dot Grouper (Chromileptis altivelis)
  • Golden Stripe Grouper, Sixline Grouper (Grammistes sexlineatus)
  • Blue Dot Grouper (Cephalopholis argus)
  • Spotted Grouper (Epinephelus summana)
  • Pollenei Grouper (Cephalopholis polleni)
  • Red Flag Grouper (Cephalopholis urodeta)


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