Batfish (Platacidae)

Batfish Family Characteristics:

Batfish are very oval bodies with high fins that make them almost unmistakable even to a beginner. The Batfish can be found in coastal and brackish waters and in mangrove swamps. They often lie on their side 'playing dead', floating like a leaf to avoid capture or detection. It now appears fairly certain that there are four species of batfish, two of which are rarely available to the hobbyist. Adult fishes are less colorful than juveniles.

Diet And Feeding:

Batfishes may be difficult to accustom to the usual commercial marine foods and patience will be needed before they will take prepared food. Try to purchase juvenile specimens that are already feeding.

Aquarium Behavior:

The Batfish usually adapts to captivity well, not quarrelling with similarly sized tank mates. It does need a spacious tank, however, as it grows very quickly. The shape of the body dictates the need for a very deep tank to enable the fish to develop proportionately.

List Of Popular Aquarium Batfish:

  • Batfish, Orbiculate Batfish, Round Batfish (Platax orbicularis)
  • Red Faced Batfish (Platax pinnatus)
  • Teira Batfish (Platax teira)


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